Rebates for boiler tune-ups

A boiler tune-up improves the efficiency of your boiler, allowing the equipment to use less energy and last longer. Pre-tune-up and post-tune-up tests are required to show the increase in efficiency. Customers may only apply for the boiler tune-up rebate for the same boiler once every 36 months.

Boiler tune up Rebate amount 
Process  $0.50 per MBTUH, up to $1,500

Space heating  $0.50 per MBTUH, up to $1,500

Find a contractor to complete the following services required for the boiler tune-up rebate:

  • Complete visual inspection of system piping and insulation
  • Check for proper venting
  • Check adequacy of combustion air intake
  • Pre-test combustion efficiency of the boiler using an electronic flue gas analyzer (print out or picture are acceptable)
  • Inspect and clean burner
  • Inspect and clean combustion chamber and fire-side exchange surface
  • Adjust burner and gas input, manual and/or motorized draft control
  • Adjust airflow and reduce excessive stack temperatures
  • Post-test combustion efficiency of the boiler using an electronic flue gas analyzer (print out or picture are acceptable)
  • Check safety controls

Applying for a boiler tune-up rebate

After the boiler tune-up, make sure the following is included in your rebate application: 

  • Verification of the completed boiler tune-up services must be provided with the completed rebate application. Only one of the following is required: 
    • Completed and signed boiler tune-up checklist; 
    • Contractor invoice including all of the boiler tune-up services clearly itemized and the service technician’s signature; 
    • or Service technician’s signature on completed boiler tune-up checklist. 
  • Copy of the combustion test analyzer results 
    • Must include both pre- and post-tune-up results, and demonstrate an increase in efficiency post-tune-up at the mid- or high-fire range or the fire rate most commonly used in the facility 
  • A copy of the itemized invoice(s) or proof of purchase which must include: 
    • Contractor name and contact information 
    • Date services were completed 
    • Business or property name and installation address 
    • Equipment manufacturer, model and serial number 
    • Total service cost 
    • Payment terms (for example: balance due of zero, financing terms or paid-in-full stamp) 
    • For Contractor Circle installing members providing the rebate as an instant discount: A customer signed invoice showing the rebate amount deducted from the purchase price, clearly labeled as an energySMART or Nicor Gas rebate. Other discounts or rebates unrelated to energySMART should be shown as a separate line item. 
  • Note: if the boiler's manufacturer, model and input capacity cannot be verified, your rebate may be capped at $250 per boiler.

If you have any questions about boiler tune-ups or applying for the rebate, email or call 877.886.4239.

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