William Ryan Homes

The ComEd and Nicor Gas residential new construction offering aims to educate builders and raters about the benefits of building energy efficient homes. Builders like William Ryan Homes say the program is working for their business.

William Ryan Homes was founded in Chicago, but builds homes across the United States. The company began working with the ComEd and Nicor Gas Residential New Construction offering in 2012 to teach its staff about building efficiency and selling high-performance homes.

Since William Ryan Homes began participating in the residential new construction offering, more than half of the homes they build meet the program requirements, with some homes being built as high as 36% above code.

“Code is just a minimum or a ‘starting point’,” says Chris Lincoln, VP of Procurement for William Ryan Homes. “With the help of the residential new construction program, the homes we build now average 28% above code. Without support from ComEd and Nicor Gas, there’s no way we would be as in-tune with energy efficiency.”

William Ryan Homes uses the residential new construction offering to benchmark their current performance and continually innovate their techniques. Being active with the utilities enables William Ryan Homes to build more comfortable, durable and healthy homes that sell faster and have lower energy costs.