Triangle Mechanical Services

Triangle Mechanical Services is a mechanical contractor and Contractor Circle installing member of energySMART, a Nicor Gas program, who has been proactive in saving energy and securing energySMART rebates for their customers. Triangle Mechanical works with commercial and industrial businesses to install high-efficient boilers, flue dampers and reset controllers. Additionally, they regularly offer their customers rebates for boiler tune-ups, steam trap replacements and pipe insulation.

Recently, a large warehousing company worked with Triangle Mechanical to design a new high-efficiency boiler system to replace their 50-year-old steam boilers, add insulation to the condensate piping and repair faulty steam traps. This custom project not only saved energy and money, it allowed the customer to secure energySMART rebates estimated at $59,000.

Working closely with energySMART has given Triangle Mechanical in-depth knowledge of the rebates and incentives available to their customers, which has allowed Triangle Mechanical Services to help keep the cost of the projects down and save their customers thousands in energy costs.