BrightLeaf Homes

BrightLeaf Homes is a local homebuilder and Contractor Circle installing member of energySMART, a Nicor Gas program. BrightLeaf Homes has completed 10 new construction homes through the energySMART program since 2013, which achieve an average energy savings of more than 40 percent over the Illinois state energy code. Incentives offered through energySMART help BrightLeaf Homes offset some of the cost associated with building and certifying their energy efficient new houses.

Most homeowners spend approximately half their lives inside their home. For this reason, BrightLeaf Homes believes the only way to build a home is to build above and beyond standard practices to achieve significant increases in energy savings, comfort, durability and indoor air quality. The energy efficient homes built by BrightLeaf Homes not only save their occupants money on their monthly utility bills, but provide an optimal living experience, enhancing quality of life and reducing carbon footprint.

BrightLeaf Homes’ commitment to building energy efficient and healthy homes was recently recognized by the Department of Energy (DOE). BrightLeaf Homes was awarded the DOE Housing Innovation award in 2015 and again in 2016. In 2017, BrightLeaf Homes will continue to grow, forecasting to build at least a dozen new homes that will achieve ENERGY STAR® and Zero Energy Ready certification, as well as earn incentives through energySMART.