2019 program changes

energySMART kicked off the new program year on Jan. 1, and we wanted to highlight changes to some of our programs. Be sure to download our 2019 updated applications so that your projects can be processed correctly.

Here are the key things to know for 2019:

  • Public sector and business offerings have been merged under the commercial offerings category. Public sector and business rebate equipment and amounts are now the same. There are a single set of commercial applications. Check out our new fact sheet for a full list of available incentives.
  • Residential rebate levels stayed the same from 2018.
  • The residential new construction offering from ComEd® and Nicor Gas added a new tier at the end of 2018, which will remain in effect this year. Builders and raters can now receive an incentive for building 15% or more above the Illinois Energy Conservation Code.
  • Our Energy Efficiency Loan offering is on hold until further notice. Renew Financial will continue to support current loan holders.

For a full rundown of all the changes to our programs, watch our webinar!

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Repair or replace failed steam traps

Industrial/process steam trap failure impacts facility operations and can be a major safety hazard. Failure rates are typically 15-20% each year, but if the trap is incorrectly sized, not installed correctly or improperly maintained, failure rates can get as high as 35% per year. According to DOE, a large industrial trap that fails open can lead to tremendous energy loss. For example, if a 1/8 orifice trap on a 150-pound-per-square-inch-gauge (psig) steam line is stuck open, the annual cost equals $6,640! Encourage your large and industrial customers to receive a steam trap survey so that these issues can be detected early. Not only can they avoid downtime, they can also receive a $300 rebate for each qualifying industrial steam trap.

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Increasing public sector awareness

Public sector facilities can now receive the same rebates and incentives as their private business counterparts. From assessments to rebates, the public sector offers a new landscape for energy efficiency projects. Talk to public sector organizations about how much energy and money they can save with commercial offerings from energySMART. Click here to see all the services available to public sector customers.

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Multi-family rebates

Did you know that multi-family energy efficiency projects are eligible for the same rebates as business customers? Property owners of apartments, condominiums, assisted living facilities and retirement communities can benefit from these offerings to save money, conserve energy and keep tenants comfortable. Furnaces, boiler tune-ups, and boiler reset controls are just a few of the rebates available. Check out our current list of multi-family incentives here.

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Benefits of offering instant discounts

Contractor Circle installing members - are you missing out on getting credit for eligible installs? If a customer fails to send in the rebate application on their own or uses the wrong contractor information, the Contractor Circle member does not get credit for the installation and risks meeting the minimum application requirement.

Take control! Provide your customer with an instant discount, which only Contractor Circle members can offer. It’s a great competitive advantage, provides a great customer experience and ensures you retain your membership and access to all the benefits membership offers. Take a look at all of the advantages of offering instant discounts.

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