Offers for residential customers

Equipment rebates

Rebates are available to residential Nicor Gas customers for the installation of high-efficiency natural gas furnaces and boilers.

Improvement rebates

Rebates are available to residential Nicor Gas customers for energy efficiency improvements to their home’s building envelope. Air sealing and insulation projects and duct sealing projects must be performed by an energySMART-approved contractor in order to be eligible for an incentive from energySMART. Contact us  to learn more about becoming an approved contractor.

Home energy assessments

Nicor Gas customers are eligible to receive a free energy assessment, which includes a walk-through of the home and free installation of energy-saving products by energySMART Energy Advisors. After the energy assessment, the participant will receive a report with recommended energy-saving projects and will be directed to our Find a Contractor tool to complete the recommended work.

Why promote assessments?

Home energy assessments are performed by energySMART Energy Advisors. During the assessment, free energy-saving products are installed at no charge. At the end of an assessment, the customer is given a comprehensive assessment report including equipment and improvement suggestions to boost their energy savings. You can leverage the findings from this third-party report to support your recommendations.

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