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Get comfortable and start saving

energySMART is taking the guesswork out of energy efficiency to make it easier than ever to get comfortable and start saving.

Behind your energySMART rebate

There's more to energySMART than rebates and resources. Through our energy efficiency program, we support hundreds of trades and businesses across Illinois.

energySMART is part of the communities we serve

energySMART partners with communities across our territory to help keep our friends and neighbors comfortable.

Solve your comfort issues

Find out how adding more layers to your home can help keep you warm this winter.

Summra's not worried anymore

Summra's family can move from floor to floor comfortably after they completed an air sealing and attic insulation project.

What's in the box?

Learn what’s under your furnace cover and get tips on how to take control of your energy usage.

Boiler basics for your home with Nicor Gas

When does it make sense to replace your boiler? Would you save money going with a high-efficiency boiler? How can you tell if your boiler is leaking?

Energy 101: Home energy assessment

By the U.S. Department of Energy

Retro-commissioning your facility

Learn how a fully-funded building assessment can identify low-cost opportunities for optimizing the operational efficiency of a facility's existing equipment and systems, reducing natural gas and electricity usage.

Commercial kitchen efficiency - Cooking up savings

Kitchen expert Don Fisher visits Nicor Gas to identify energy-savings opportunities.

Savings custom fit for your business

Business owners can save energy and money with unique, natural gas-saving projects—and receive big checks.

Rockford Memorial Hospital case study

Rockford Memorial Hospital installed energy efficiency measures, including a new boiler and earned $102,159 in rebates.