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All of the listed contractors are Contractor Circle members, who:

  • Can provide customers with instant discounts at the time of installation
  • Work with Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program staff closely to stay up to date on program offerings
  • Have experience working with Nicor Gas customers

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Terms and Conditions: The Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program is providing this list of contractors who are Contractor Circle members as a convenience to our customers. This list is an informational tool only and is not intended as an endorsement, promotion, or recommendation of any of the contractors provided. Prior to entering into a contract for services provided by a contractor, it is the customer's responsibility to investigate and determine that contractor's qualifications. You are strongly encouraged to solicit several quotes and to verify contractors' references. Information provided by the contractors in the search results have not been verified by the Program, and Nicor Gas is not responsible for any false or outdated information submitted by contractors. By clicking the "submit" button, you agree to these terms of use.