New construction for homes

Residential New Construction Program is an energy-efficiency program jointly offered by Nicor Gas and ComEd. The program works with eligible builders to construct single family homes that are more energy efficient than homes merely built to code.

And there are lasting benefits to the homeowner. Homes certified through our program are:

  • More comfortable
  • More durable
  • Safer

Plus, our third-party verification ensures that the home is built using strict energy-efficiency practices and work is completed properly. This means reduced energy bills for the life of the home.

How it works

Program builders partner with an accredited building performance consultant that completes a minimum of two site inspections. The first inspection is conducted before the drywall is installed and the final inspection is conducted when the home is complete and ready to occupy. During this inspection the consultant will conduct the required performance testing and will verify that work meets all energy-efficiency requirements of the program.
After site verifications are complete the consultant submits the required paperwork. Once paperwork is processed and the project is verified complete, the homeowner will receive a certification portfolio that includes estimated energy savings and builders receive an incentive for meeting program requirements.

Get started

If you are a builder, rater or interested homeowner please contact us at 877.886.4239