Nobody’s home. So why are you heating?

Looking for ways to control and maintain your energy use when you’re not around? A programmable thermostat is ideal for those away from home during set periods of time because it can be set to automatically adjust to a programmed schedule. A programmable thermostat may also help lower your energy use and monthly energy bill. Here are four ways a programmable thermostat puts you in control of your energy use:

1.  Cost savings

You can save up to $180 a year by setting and maintaining optimal temperatures throughout the day and night according to ENERGY STAR®.

 2. Hassle-free energy savings

Once you have set your programmable thermostat to the appropriate settings, saving energy becomes simple and hands-free. Weekdays are programmed separately from weekends so you can have optimum control all of the time.

 3. Increased comfort

Controlling the temperature in your home increases your family's comfort all day long.

 4. Year-round benefits

Programmable thermostats control both heating and cooling equipment in your home, helping you save energy no matter the season.