Will County new construction project earns $63,053 in incentives

At the end of 2017, Will County opened their new Public Safety Complex in Joliet, marking the first of several major capital projects to be completed in the county by 2021. The complex serves as the new home for the sheriff’s office, 911 Dispatch Center and Emergency Telephone System Board. It took years of planning to set up the project, and the county wanted to ensure that the complex would serve its 30 communities for years to come. 

Will County pursued a review of energy-efficiency measures that could be implemented within the 86,390 square foot facility. The Public Sector New Construction Program offered by ComEd’s Energy Efficiency Program and energySMART, a Nicor Gas program, conducted an assessment of the facility, calculated incentives and prescribed projects that would contribute to long-term savings. This is one of the first public sector new construction projects completed since administration of the program transitioned to the utilities from the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity in June 2017.  

The assessment resulted in prescriptive measures to maximize the complex’s efficiency. Roof insulation, exterior wall insulation and energy-efficient windows and doors were essential to improving the building’s envelope and ensuring that air loss is minimized. The Public Safety Complex also received recommendations for efficient hot water boilers and LED lighting.  

After completing qualifying projects, the county received a rebate check totaling $63,053. For years to come, Will County’s Public Safety Complex will be able to save money and energy thanks to its energy efficiency upgrades.