Why should you schedule an energy assessment for your commercial facility?

Day in and day out, your operations are a priority. You have quotas to meet, clients to care for and communities to serve, so creating a plan to save energy might go to the backburner.

energySMART makes it easier than ever for commercial customers to start saving with our free energy assessments. We have assessments to fit every type of organization from direct installs for small to medium commercial properties to detailed efficiency inspections in our opportunity assessment, facility assessment and retrocommissioning studies.

Our experts are ready to help you determine which assessment is right for your property. Let’s take a look at the biggest reasons why you should schedule an assessment today:

1. Reduce your operating expenses for free!

An energy assessment from energySMART is free, making it a low-risk investment for your commercial facility. During or after the assessment, our team may also install energy-saving products to help you reduce energy consumption and save money right away. You may receive items like faucet aerators, water-saving showerheads and water pipe insulation. These products are installed for free and can go a long way toward reducing your energy bills.

2. Understand where you’re wasting energy

At the end of the assessment, you will receive a customized report with improvement recommendations for your organization. Opportunity assessments, conducted for mid-size facilities, typically identify five energy-efficiency recommendations. If implemented, customers can save up to 38,000 therms - about $19,000 per year on average*. Facility assessments, typically received by large and industrial buildings, can typically save up to 135,000 therms – about $67,500 per year.*

3. Help you prioritize and budget based on estimated ROI

With your free, objective report, you can prioritize projects and budget them accordingly to achieve your efficiency goals and minimize operational impact. The report includes an analysis of each improvement, providing expected costs and savings. Using this plan, you can enhance your system functionality and start seeing savings right away.

Interested in scheduling an assessment for your facility? Call 877.886.4239 to discover which one is right for you!