Residential New Construction Program completes 5,000th efficient home

energySMART, a Nicor Gas program, and the ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program are committed to helping customers save energy and money. Whether it’s providing rebates on energy-efficient equipment, assisting with loans or on-bill financing to cover energy efficiency projects and upgrades, or offering free products for your home and business, the goal is always the same – more energy savings for you. 

Through the joint residential new construction offering, ComEd and Nicor Gas provide financial incentives to new home builders and building performance consultants to encourage design and construction of new homes that exceed current Illinois Energy Code requirements by at least 20 percent. This way, homeowners start their energy-efficiency journey the day they move in. 

Participating builders work with building performance consultants to identify ways to construct homes that will save energy and lower operating expenses for the homeowner. In turn, homeowners enjoy homes that are built efficiently from the ground up and include high-efficiency space and water heating equipment, better insulation, and improved air sealing measures, which provide greater comfort, lower energy bills and the potential of a higher resale value. In fact, the owners of the homes that meet the offering’s energy efficiency requirements are provided with a certificate from Nicor Gas and ComEd that verifies the home’s precise level of advanced efficiency.

This innovative energy-saving partnership began in 2011, and in 2018 we have achieved the completion of our 5,000th home! 

Among the most effective energy efficiency investments is spray foam insulation, which participating builders often use in their houses. “I’m a big fan of spray foam insulation,” says Pete Stefani, president of King’s Court Builders, which developed the 5,000th home under the joint offering. “There are many different brands and specs, but the fact that all spray foams act as an air sealant by themselves makes it a great long-term investment.” 

Stefani is pleased with the variety of measures available through the residential new construction offering, and notes that the quality and value is evident. He recalls a home development years ago that featured all spray foam insulation: “We had the HVAC contractor show up right after the insulation was complete to start the furnaces. The technician, an industry veteran with over 20 years’ experience, called me as he was leaving the jobsite to say he couldn’t believe how fast the home had heated up. He had performed this task hundreds of times in his career with other forms of insulation and this confirmed to him how great spray foam insulation worked.”

Nicor Gas and ComEd recommend that buyers of new homes ask their realtors and builders about the efficiency of equipment in the home and take that into consideration as they plan for long-term expenses. More efficient homes are more durable and comfortable in the long run, with lower energy bills and maintenance costs.

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