Get double the rebate for your pipe insulation project

Commercial customers can now receive $4 per linear foot of pipe insulation installed, raised from $2.

In addition to the higher incentive, there are great benefits that pipe insulation can bring to your facility.

  • Decreased heat loss
  • Better temperature regulation across facility zones
  • Increased worker protection from pipe temperatures
  • Reduced wait time for hot water
  • Cost savings as a result of efficient energy use

See how much you can be saving with pipe insulation rebates today.

Pipe insulation delivers sweet savings for Ferrero

Global confectionary leader Ferrero saw savings firsthand from pipe insulation projects in its Franklin Park facility. Ferrero operating engineer Rich Vazquez discussed how there were drastic temperature differences throughout the plant with extremely hot or cold areas. After the pipe insulation upgrade was completed, he saw significant improvements in temperature regulation.

“Pipe insulation helps to keep the hot areas cooler and creates a more comfortable working environment for the plant employees,” Vazquez said. “I strongly suggest other companies look into insulation. After completing the project, our employees are more comfortable, extreme temperature changes have been eliminated, and we can be more efficient.”

Ferrero installed 4,600 linear feet of pipe insulation, earning $5,700 in rebates. This project saved 200,000 therms and $110,000 in annual cost savings.

Read more about Ferrero’s experience with the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program here.