Finding a furnace that fits your home

As a homeowner, you need confidence that your furnace will reliably heat your home through the coldest months of the year. So, when it comes time to replace your furnace, you need to know which model is going to be the best for your needs.

Energy-efficient furnaces are a great solution to help cut utility costs, conserve energy and deliver the reliable heating that you need to increase your comfort. Check out these tips to help you find the right energy-efficient furnace that will fit your home.

1. It’s all in the AFUE

Furnaces may look very similar, but their internal mechanisms are very different. When searching for an energy-efficient model, make sure to check the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. If it’s a 95% AFUE or higher, it counts as an efficient model. Many models will have their AFUE rating posted as bright yellow signs. ENERGY STAR® requires a minimum 95% AFUE in order to be certified, so keep an eye out for their labels.

2. Size does matter

It’s important to get a furnace that will meet the heating requirements for the space of your home. Oversized units will cycle on and off too often, wasting energy. Undersized furnaces won’t provide enough heat to keep you toasty during those very cold weather days. Your high-efficiency furnace should be sized 30% to 40% larger than the calculated home heating requirements, providing the reliability you need while saving on wasted energy. Many furnaces are oversized, so don’t just replace the old furnace with a furnace of the same size without determining your home’s requirements first.

3. Partner with a professional

Getting expert advice is a great way to find the furnace that will fit your home. Our Find a Contractor tool can you find contractors in your area that can recommend an energy-efficient furnace and install it for you.

Once you have your energy-efficient furnace installed, don’t forget to send in your rebate application! We’ve increased our incentives for 95% and 97% AFUE furnaces, so you can save even more when you upgrade. Click here to check out our current rebate amounts and see how much you can be saving.