Force of nature: How Brookfield Zoo goes the extra mile for conservation

Brookfield Zoo holds the mission to inspire conservation leadership by connecting people with wildlife and nature. While it certainly achieves this goal through excellent animal care, the zoo is inspiring conservation leadership in ways that patrons might not expect.

For example, the unique roof construction of zoo buildings and exhibits have helped lower energy costs and meet Illinois Energy Efficiency Code. New spray-foam roofs were installed over existing insulated roofs, eliminating cleanup from the construction process and increasing insulating effectiveness.

Brookfield Zoo has also worked to develop educational resources that will help guests and local communities fulfill energy efficiency goals. energySMART sponsors the Motor Safari ride and helped to create signs with energy-saving tips that all patrons can use to reduce costs and live comfortably. We also participate in the zoo’s annual Party for the Planet in April, which is dedicated to teaching guests how they can make a difference for the planet and endangered animals.

The zoo staff is also committed to changing operational processes in ways that will help contribute to conservation efforts. These efforts include transitioning to LED bulbs, manually cleaning fountains and installing automated electricity and air-conditioning monitors.

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