Philip's story

"I've definitely seen the biggest savings in our water bill."

Free products change the way Philip’s home uses and saves energy

Philip’s home was built in 2007. Having been settled in for a while, Philip wondered about his home’s energy use and if there were opportunities to save.

“My house is comfortable, but I wanted a professional opinion,” Philip said.

During his home energy assessment, Philip received a few pointers about his fireplace, windows, hot water use and how to control his home’s temperature.

The Energy Advisor inspected walls, floors, windows and doors for signs of air leaks, as cold floors and walls are a sign of air leakage and low insulation. The advisors gave Philip some tips on how to manage the fireplace for better energy efficiency and recommended a DIY project to prevent air from escaping through the windows. 

“The Advisor recommended we weatherize our windows to keep the warm air in, and the cold out,” Philip said. “So we wrapped our windows that same weekend with shrink-wrap plastic. My wife and I noticed a difference immediately.”

Next, the advisors installed several free products to help Philip save money and save energy year round, including pipe wrap on the hot water pipes near the water heater.

“One of the best things the Advisor did was install a programmable thermostat,” Philip said. “We’ve had it on for a few weeks and we love it. In the morning, the heat kicks on at 6 a.m. The temperature is then set back automatically at about the time we leave for work. The heat kicks on again 5 p.m.—when we get home from work. At about 7:30 p.m., the temperature is set back to about 66 degrees. This schedule allows us to save money without having to do anything. It’s pretty great.”

The advisor also changed three showerheads with energy-saving ones and installed six sink faucet aerators—each saving approximately 1.5 gallons of water every time the water runs.  

“I’ve definitely seen the biggest savings in our water bill,” Philip said. “After looking at this year and comparing it to last year, I can see a savings from $20-$30. I think that makes the biggest difference. Those savings alone make my free assessment worth it. “

Philip was very happy with the process. He referred energySMART to many members of his church.

“I’ve told about a dozen people about energySMART,” said Philip. “Actually, I just spoke to a friend on Sunday who scheduled her free assessment. She’s also seeing the savings in her water bill,” Philip said.