Bill's story

"I feel a lot more comfortable knowing that I have a brand new unit."

Bill considers his energy-efficient HVAC system an investment, gives him peace of mind

Bill’s air conditioning unit couldn’t keep his home cool. He had met with a handful of contractors but was hesitant to move forward. 

“We had a couple people come out, but replacing an air conditioner and a furnace at the same time is expensive,” said Bill. 

But last May his air conditioning unit broke. He had to make a decision. 

“My contractor explained to me that replacing both at the same time will actually save me more money in the long run. He showed me how the furnace fan blower circulates the air conditioning throughout the home. They share the same system. After meeting with him, replacing both systems sounded like the most economical thing to do. Because we don’t plan on moving, we thought it would be a good investment to put it into the house. And after the winter we experienced, I’d rather have everything new.” 

A number of factors played into Bill’s decision to upgrade both his furnace and his air conditioning unit, including rebates from Nicor Gas, rebates from the manufacturers, the reputation of the equipment and the confidence he had in his contractor. 

“We noticed with the old air conditioner, we couldn’t get the home cool in the summer. Now, we feel great. It’s better than what we had before when it was working well. I know the family will be comfortable this winter," Bill said.

A few weeks after Bill’s energy upgrades, his neighbor’s air conditioning went out. 

“I told them to go on the Nicor Gas website and look at the rebates available. I shared my story and told him that I am very happy with the rebate.”

Bill’s highest natural gas bill was around $300 last winter and is hoping to see good returns on his investment. 

“I feel a lot better. I feel a lot more comfortable knowing that I have a brand new unit. Even if we do have another bad winter, I know I will save energy and money,” Bill said.