Summra's not worried anymore.

Summra's family is ready for winter thanks to energySMART and the steps she took to increase the comfort of her home.

Hammad and Summra take steps to increase their comfort

Hammad and Summra weren't thinking about their home’s energy efficiency, having just moved into their new home in Warrenville. That is, until their pipes froze.

Summra called a plumber after discovering a faucet failure.

"I went upstairs to give the kids a bath. I turned the faucet on and the cold water wasn't running."

Hammad and Summra received good news: no leaks; but their pipes were frozen.

After this scare, Hammad and Summra were determined to find out what small steps they could take to make their home more comfortable.

In addition to eliminating frozen pipes, they wanted to do something to make their home feel warmer – especially for their two small children. “The brutality of winter took a toll on our house. It just wasn’t warm enough. In addition to the pipes bursting, we knew there were other energy efficiency issues with the house. I wanted to get a home assessment and gave energySMART a call. We began our projects as soon as we could last spring,” said Hammad.

Hammad and Summra worked with an energySMART Energy Advisor to detect areas in their home that indicated heat loss and air leakage. They discovered that air can leak into homes via crawl spaces, dryer vents, outside faucets, windows and attics. They learned that air sealing minimizes the flow of air going in and out by filling holes and cracks and insulation adds layers to a home’s structure, blocking heat loss in the winter.

Hammad and Summra worked with a contractor to air seal their attic and insulate their ducts, floors, walls and attic to increase the efficiency of their home, and ultimately, increase their family’s comfort.

“We are very comfortable and I am not worried about the kids feeling cold anymore. We're ready for whatever the winter brings,” said Summra.