Mayra's story

“We received quotes from approved contractors and got the work done. It was pretty straightforward.”

Weatherization upgrades helped Mayra save energy and stay warm for winter

Mayra has been living at her home in Summit, IL all of her life. She and her husband bought her parents’ home about seven years ago; over time began to notice that her 60-year-old family home was suddenly draftier than usual and more expensive to heat. In 2014, she decided to contact energySMART for her free energy assessment to see if there was something she could do about her drafty rooms and high gas bills.

After the Energy Advisor came out to assess their home, Mayra was pleased with how easy it was to find out just what improvements her house could benefit from and then find the right contractor to complete the project. In this case, the assessment showed that she might see a dramatic difference in energy savings by upgrading the insulation on her older house and also improving the air sealing around windows and doors to prevent air leaks and drafts. “I thought it was great. We received quotes from approved contractors and got the work done. It was pretty straightforward,” she said.

Mayra also noted that the energySMART Contractor Circle member she worked with exceeded her expectations when they completed the weatherization work on her house. “They were extremely thorough and made great recommendations.” They even gave her husband tips on how to do some of the work himself!

After the contractor completed the upgrades to the air sealing and insulation in her home, she and her husband noticed a difference right way, saying, “We didn’t feel drafts and I believe our gas bill was lower.” 

Mayra is happy she had a home energy assessment and took the steps to weatherize her house. “I think it was a great investment for our home, and a great initial step in becoming energy efficient.” She also has plans to upgrade her boiler this fall and receive a rebate for it.

When asked if she would recommend energy assessments to her family and friends, she said, “Definitely!” Mayra is excited to share the benefits of energySMART with her neighbors in a community she’s lived in her whole life and energySMART is proud to be a resource to families looking to save energy.