Mary Queen of Heaven

"energySMART is a wonderful program from Nicor Gas, encouraging poor parishes to make energy-efficient improvements.” – Monica, parish manager

Mary Queen of Heaven saves $32,000 in energy and maintenance costs

Mary Queen of Heaven Roman Catholic Parish, established over 100 years ago, is a historical fixture of faith in the community of Cicero, Ill. To prepare this parish to successfully withstand the next 100 years, Parish Manager Monica Geiser decided to address the inefficient, uneven heating throughout the property’s buildings. In recent years, heating costs had skyrocketed to $49,000 per year, an unsustainable amount for a modest parish budget.

Knowing that educational programming provided by Mary Queen of Heaven could be suspended if the building problems were not repaired, it was imperative for Monica to find a solution that didn’t require a huge initial investment and would eventually pay for itself.

Monica scheduled an energy assessment through energySMART. A certified Energy Advisor   identified the boiler as the cause for much of the wasted energy and high costs. As a result, the Archdiocese put the project out for a bid. energySMART contractor Gerry Grilec at Southwest Town Mechanical came in with the right solutions at the right price.

Gerry was able to work with Mary Queen of Heaven on a complex boiler replacement project, which led to the parish saving $20,000 in heating costs and cutting yearly maintenance and repair costs by $12,000, equaling a savings total $32,000. The boiler project qualified for nearly to $27,000 in rebates, enabling the parish to make the necessary improvements while minimizing its initial investment.

In addition to the boiler project, Mary Queen of Heaven received free energy-saving products and recommendations for additional ways to save. To make sure the free energy-saving products were installed efficiently and didn’t take much of Monica’s time, energySMART sent two Energy Advisors to install faucet aerators, water-saving showerheads and hot water pipe insulation in the four buildings at Mary Queen of Heaven.

The experience left a huge impact on the once troubled parish. energySMART was an invaluable partner to Monica throughout the process, enabling the Mary Queen of Heaven to make the necessary improvements to keep them a vital part of the community for the next 100 years. “energySMART is a wonderful program from Nicor Gas, encouraging poor parishes to make energy-efficient improvements,” said Monica.