Mario's story

"I researched energySMART and the rebates for improvements, and I shared it with my wife."

Mario’s new home needed more insulation

Mario’s home was built in 2009. Shortly after his family moved in, they noticed their second floor was really warm during the summer.

“It was so humid upstairs and in our bedrooms that we put in a window A/C unit. We would keep our bedroom doors open and hope that the cool air would travel to rooms. Sometimes it did. Sometimes it didn’t,” Mario said.

A few years later, Mario also noticed his home was drafty in the winter. These differences in temperature and comfort motivated Mario to research energy-efficiency. At first, he was focused on his air conditioning unit and wondered if he might need to upgrade his equipment.

“I researched energySMART and the rebates for improvements, and I shared it with my wife. She heard the term ‘rebate’ and didn’t want to spend money upfront,” said Mario. “But we have a grandson. It’s not just about our comfort anymore.”

After a little more digging, Mario found that energySMART Contractor Circle members can offer instant discounts where a rebate from energySMART is given to the customer at time the project is complete.

“After I learned about instant discounts, I figured that if we drop our electric and natural gas bills by $100 each month, and we’re comfortable year round—that’s a win-win. So I went on the energySMART website to find a contractor.”

While Mario expected his contractor to recommend replacing his air conditioning unit, his contractor went room to room and advised that he keep his current equipment and instead seal air leaks and add insulation. With a two-story house that was only five years old, Mario couldn’t believe his insulation was somewhat inadequate.

“You wouldn’t think that your outlets would cause drafts. For a new construction home, you just don’t think about it,” said Mario.

Mario was not only impressed with his contractor’s analysis and recommendations, but was also impressed with the work performed and the level of service his contractor provided.

Mario received his money for the project upfront. His initial estimate was $1,570; however, with the energySMART rebate amount of $781.20 – his total out of pocket was only $789.60.

“Last winter was a brutal and difficult winter. We live in the Midwest—it’s gonna come again. Going into this winter, I feel much more comfortable and confident that I’m not going to use as much energy as I did during this last polar vortex,” Mario said.