Leroy's story

"I've seen savings in my utilities across the board."

A home energy assessment led to Leroy comfortably warming his house

Leroy’s home, which once belonged to his grandparents’, was built in 1964. He has lived there for 37 years. In recent years, Leroy noticed that comfortably heating his home had become difficult and required a lot of energy.

“I’ve lived here my entire life. Growing-up, I don’t remember the house being so uncomfortable, but these days its takes a lot of effort to fully heat,” said Leroy, a Markham, Ill. homeowner.

His primary complaint was that he had to constantly run his heat to sufficiently warm his house. He figured he needed a new furnace. Still, Leroy found it strange that there was such an imbalance in his home heat flow from one room to another, and he knew he needed to consult someone about the matter.

“My grandmother, who is elderly now, visits me throughout the year for usually more than a week at a time. When she is here her friends come by to see her and my house becomes a gathering place. As a result, I run my heat even more and that causes a hike in my monthly gas bill,” said Leroy.

Leroy was familiar with energySMART so he gave them a call to schedule a free home energy assessment. “The scheduling process was seamless. energySMART really worked with my availability,” said Leroy.  

Within a matter of a few days, an Energy Advisor was at Leroy’s door to conduct his energy assessment and install free energy-efficient products. Leroy received a programmable thermostat, 10 CFL bulbs, two faucet aerators and a water-saving shower head as part of his assessment and energy-savings kit.

“I am really pleased with the results of my assessment. Since having my programmable thermostat installed, I have been able to better control my heating and I have seen a decrease in my bill by at least 15 percent per month. Actually, I’ve seen savings in my utilities across the board,” added Leroy.

Leroy’s Energy Advisor suggested that he purchase a new furnace, as he suspected. However, Leroy also learned that the reason his home was using so much energy was because he was also in need of a new water heater, attic insulation, and air sealing.

“Calling energySMART was a wise decision and something I’m glad I did. It saved me money and I feel like I am helping the environment by using less energy and water.”

With his new programmable thermostat, Leroy can control his heat and avoid running it all the time. These days, Leroy rests comfortably knowing that warming his home when his grandmother visits no longer means wasting energy. As an added perk, Leroy’s grandmother can also entertain guests while visiting without Leroy having to worry about the excess energy use or cost.

Since having his assessment, Leroy has advised family, friend and neighbors to schedule an energy assessment for their home.