Josh's story

“It really helped me identify areas of energy savings and how to tackle them.”

A free home energy assessment helped Josh save time, energy and money

After visiting the website and seeing energySMART ads in his local paper, Josh decided it was time to take control of his energy use. He’s lived in his home, built in 1989, for three years and decided to call energySMART to schedule a free energy assessment. “As our home is a bit older, I wanted to see where we could improve our energy efficiency,” he says.

After calling energySMART to schedule the assessment, he noted that he was “impressed with how quickly the Energy Advisor was able to come out” to his home. During the visit, the Energy Advisor inspected the water heater, windows, faucets, furnace, insulation and more. At the end of the assessment, the Energy Advisor went over the ways Josh could make changes and upgrades to help him save energy. “There were some improvements around insulation that were needed.”

When Josh decided to implement the insulation upgrades, he used a certified Contractor Circle member to install the attic insulation. “They did a GREAT job throughout the process of installing my insulation and offered a great deal. They even came out many months later by my request because I thought my roof was leaking and I didn’t want it to ruin the insulation. They didn’t charge a fee, even though they definitely could have. They are a great asset to this program.”

Josh feels really positively about his assessment experience that led him to making the needed energy-saving improvements in his home. “It was great. It really helped me identify areas of energy savings and how to tackle them.” He’s also seen a reduction in his utility bills since upgrading his insulation, noting that his savings have been for “gas specifically, especially during the winter.”

Josh was easily and affordably able to take steps that have helped lower his bills and improve his comfort by starting with a free home energy assessment, and since having his assessment, Josh has encouraged his friends and family to take advantage of the free home assessment, too.