Combined Heat and Power for public organizations

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is an innovative and efficient way to generate power and thermal energy from a single energy source. CHP systems provide at least a portion of a facility’s electricity and capture waste heat from hot exhaust gases for use in space heating, cooling, domestic hot water, dehumidification and/or process heating.

Public buildings can get technical and financial assistance on their Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects. Assistance includes incentives at the design, construction and production phases, as well as application assistance. Performance based incentives include:

Design Incentive

following completion of the design phase

$75/kW capacity

Constructive Incentive

following successful commissioning of the system

$175/kW capacity

Production Incentive

after 12 months of operation based on meeting the measured operating requirements of the system

$0.08/kWh (η ≥ 70% HHV) of “useful electric energy” produced


$0.06/kWh (60% ≤ η < 70% HHV) of “useful electric energy” produced

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