Combined Heat and Power for public organizations

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is an innovative and efficient way to generate power and thermal energy from a single energy source. CHP systems provide at least a portion of a facility’s electricity and capture waste heat from hot exhaust gases for use in space heating, cooling, domestic hot water, dehumidification and/or process heating.

The installation of these energy-saving technologies may be eligible for Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program and ComEd engineering support and incentives in the CHP coordinated program administered by Leidos Engineering, who will assess the eligibility of customers to participate in the CHP program.

Customers can perform their own Feasibility Study or chose to hire a Leidos pre-qualified engineering firm. Nicor Gas will reimburse customers 25% of the feasibility assessment cost up to $12,500.

Nicor Gas and ComEd will perform interconnection analysis and Nicor Gas will work with customers to determine peak gas pressure and flow demand, infrastructure needed and the customer cost, if any.

Customers will then submit a pre-approval application to the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program for the capital project, install and commission the CHP system, which will undergo verification to determine eligible therm savings that will receive a $1/therm incentive, capped at $500,000.

For more information and to request a CHP feasibility study, click here.