Assessments for public facilities

A skilled Energy Advisor or Certified Engineer will conduct a free assessment of your building to understand your facility’s needs and identify energy efficiency opportunities. Depending on the type of assessment, free energy-saving products may be installed in your facility during the process. After the assessment, you’ll receive a customized report detailing energy-saving recommendations, product and improvement costs and available rebates or incentives for any additional energy efficiency improvements.

Commercial assessments 

(for ≤ 150,000 therm users)

During this one to three hour assessment, you may receive free energy-saving products, including:

  • Faucet aerators for kitchen(s) and bath(s)
  • Water-saving showerheads
  • Pre-rinse spray valves for your commercial kitchen
  • Salon sprayers*
  • Hot water heater pipe insulation*
  • Door sweeps

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Opportunity assessments

(for > 150,000 therm users)

An energySMART engineer will spend approximately two hours at your facility to complete the free ASHRAE Level 1-type assessment focusing on: 

  • Heat recovery opportunities, steam system energy efficiency upgrades and insulation improvement
  • Space and process heating equipment improvements, such as burner upgrades and opportunities for improved controls
  • Applicable energy-saving products available at no cost for >150,000 therm users; ask for details during the assessment

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Facility assessments

(for >500,000 therm users)

This ASHRAE Level 2-type facility assessment (typically lasting up to a full day):

  • Includes detailed energy calculations supporting each efficiency opportunity identified, providing expected costs, savings and ROIs
  • Identifies and analyzes capital improvements as well as identifies potential low cost/no cost adjustments providing expected costs and savings
  • Utilizes industry-approved methods and tools for data logging and measurement of baseline efficiency
  • Provides a robust assessment report delivered in a follow-up meeting, which can serve as support for budgeting both operating and capital expenses
  • Offers applicable energy-saving products at no cost for >500,000 therm users; ask for details during the assessment

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*Available to customers using 60,000 therms or less annually.